Why did we create Wiine.Me ?

For a wine revolution

Think about food. You pay attention to what you cook, and you learned about food by trying new things throughout your life. Wine is the same, a journey. But with so many wines, labels and prices, it’s pretty difficult.

So, we gathered a team of sommeliers & wine experts and we continuously travel all over Europe tasting wine.  Each month, a new theme, three wines, and new stories. We work with small producers, and go directly from the winemaker to you, to share the hidden gems of the wine world.

Foundation of Wiine.me in Switzerland

All our friends always wanted help choosing wine for dinners since they chose their wines only the the label. We decided it was time to create a curated wine service, and share our passion, monthly. 

First Edition of the Salon du Champagne

For all champagne lovers. 30 producers, in Geneva (CH), 250+ champagnes to taste. Learn with our masterclasses, taste, and enjoy! Now in Zürich as well, every year.

Launch of the Wine Academy

Our friends has no time to learn about wine, and they did not know where to start. So we created our Wine Academy: 8 monthly online wine lessons, with 3 bottles, over 6 months, to learn the easy way.

Launch of 7 countries in Europe

The same selection, for everybody in Europe to discover and learn about wine. France, Germany, Austria, the UK, Belgium and the Netherlands are now enjoying the monthly wine subscription 

Creation of the Switzerland Wine School

To train individuals and professionals with a wine school, based in Geneva, Switzerland. Our educator trains and certify a new generation of sommeliers and wine lovers.

What is our mission?

Besides sharing our wine gems...help you learn wine and discover your wine adventure!

The first step was discovery: A curated wine box at home every month. But people wanted more.

So our new obsession: Help you learn about wine in 6 months, whatever your initial level. We launched the Wine Academy: online wine courses tailored to the wine you receive every month. A new way to get the wine basics and much more with an entirely visual platform, interactive videos, mind mapping tools and wine fingerprints, like a puzzle… A wine revolution, glass by glass. 

The Wiine.Me Management Team

The wine ninjas

Timothee Bardet

CEO of Germany


Are you a rockstar ?

Florian Bourgeois

Salon du Champagne Business Developer

Frédéric Chenevard

CEO of Switzerland

Lionel Rosnet

Director Switzerland Wine School

Kat Morse

Director SDC & Wine Academy

Who selects our wines ?

Some of our experts! 28 Sommeliers now in our network, all over Europe!

Faye Koehler

Professional Sommelier SFS ASSP

Frederic Chenevard

CEO of Switzerland

Mathilde Roux

Oenologist - Swiss Wine Specialist

Vincent Bertot

WSET Level 3- Ambassador Lausanne

Kat Morse

Wine Academy & Salon du Champagne director

Lionel Rosnet

WSET Level 4 Diploma & Switzerland Wine School Director