Florian Bourgeois

Florian Bourgeois

Salon du Champagne Business Developer

I'm passionate by champagne, I think that I taste around 1500 cuvee per year. So I started 2 Masters at Troyes (in Champagne) where I get my WSET level 2. 

During the 2nd edition of the Salon du Champagne, I was helping a friend as an exposant, it's when I met the Wiine.me team. At this moment, I worked to create my own Champagne company but  I had abandoned everything and took the occasion to work with the Wiine.me team and mostly for the Salon du Champagne with Kat. 

Since may 2016, I organise events and taste wines that we select so specially for you. 

Why Wiine.me ?

I've met the Wiine.me Team during the second edition of the Salon du Champagne. I was an exhibitor introducing champagnes of a friend to switzerland market. 

I was very impressed by the energy, the knowledge and the passion for wine of the Wiine.me Team. 

After that I've sent them dozen of emails to have my chance to join the team. Then, during a lunch, after a champagne tasting, Kat & Claire announced me that they would like having me with them in the team! 

What do you do at Wiine.Me ?

First I was in charge of the Business Development of the Salon du Champagne which includes meet new champagne producers, taste their wine and present them our Salon du Champagne. I was also animating the Champagne Introduciton Classes during the Salon and managing the Closing Party. 

Now, I'm in charge of the business development of our Wine Tastings and their organisation. I'm also in charge of the management of the Salon du Champagne 2017.