Frederic Chenevard

CEO of Switzerland

From my family, I should have worked in the wine's world since the beginning as both sides are indeed vines owners in the Geneva region. And despite studying Economy and History, fate probably, I am now a wine entrepreneur and sommelier. You bet I will be a real winemaker before the next 10 years ?!

I am at the origin of the project and am now CEO of the company in Switzerland. My days are mostly built around coordination, strategy and, I am glad to say : wine tastings!

From my former experiences in the wine sector, I am the specialist of the Bordeaux wine region at

How do you enjoy drinking wine the most? Or what is a good bottle of wine for you?

For me, the wine is first of all a social pleasure. I can not imagine drinking wine without being well surrounded by family, friends or others wine lovers. The main thing is sharing the emotion brought by the wine with the people around!

Favorite combo (place + food + wine + with)?

The first great emotion I ever had with wine, was during a company Christmas diner with the first wine company I worked in. The theme of the evening for the wines and champagne was the vintage 1982 (not a bad vintage!). So every glass we tasted was from that specific year and I will allways remember the Château Lynch Bages, in Magnum, we drunk that night. The expression was so perfectly chased, precise and silky. It was a perfect wine and a great emotion!

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