Frédéric Chenevard

Frédéric Chenevard

CEO of Switzerland

Originally, both my parents come from were vines growing families in the Geneva region. Although I did not study wine, I went back in the wine area. I fell in love of fine wines from Bordeaux, and  I finished by becoming a Bordeaux specialist and couple of years later, I became a entrepreneur/sommelier, and started with Tim. 

Since 2013, I was the COO and now the CEO of SA and continue to taste wine every month for our selection, coming from all around the world. 

Why Wiine.Me ?

Because I love wines! I just learned how to taste it and I wanted to share my passion and knowledge. I also met the right persons to start this great adventure.

I have worked since 10 years in the wine business now, and I am still a wine addict. Hope you will see it in our monthly selections!

What do you do at Wiine.Me ?

As one of the co-founder and CEO, I am mainly managing the wine selection process with our sommelier and specialists. I also organize the logistic, financial and operationnal side behind the scenes. This is mostly coordination between the team members.

My objectives are to make sure you will get the best service with through the wines we select and the different services we are able to offer!

Eventually, I am also in charge of the product strategy in Switzerland from the website to the marketing and communication aspects.