Mathilde Roux

Oenologist - Swiss Wine Specialist

Mathilde is a young wine passionate who had the intelligence and willingness to translate her passion into her work.

Born in the Côtes du Rhône region, she developped an early fascination for the world of vine and wine. She got her Bachelor in bio-technologies at the E.P.F.L  and then in Montpellier she got her master in winemaking. The right education path to pursue her child’s dream and become an oenologist.

She is now working in Switzerland where she uses her talents in the middle of the great Lavaux landscape and will probably become the next wine maker!

How did you get started in wine ?

I grew up at my family estate in Gigondas and wine has always been a passion for me. Since I was 6-8 years-old, it was obvious for me « to make wine ».

How do you enjoy a bottle of wine ?

I like to open a bottle with people I love, but especially with people who are passionate and curious about wine in general.

Wine, a male or female product ?

Neither, there are some rather feminine wines and others male but fortunately all wines can be enjoyed by everyone

How would you define the relationship that women have with wine ?

Women are often real wine lovers and great workers. They had to, in fact, find their place in this world that is yet still masculine even if things have changed! Moreover, they often have a high sensitivity that allows them to stand out while wine tasting.

What is for you ? is a great adventure that allows me to share my knowledge with ease.

Why should we drink with you ?

Because my approach is probably a little different than other sommeliers, my knowledge is focused on manufacturing which can be exciting for anyone interested in learning more about wine!

If you were a wine which one would you be ?

A Châteauneuf-du-Pape, probably a Vieux Télégraphe. My roots have formed my taste to these great wines of the Côtes du Rhône. They have a great ability to age and are incredible wines to accompany main meals..

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