5 Must-have Subscription Boxes


Tasty Box

If you are like your food or you are a kitchen professional, subscribing to Tasty Box should be an imperative. This delightful bundle includes several artisan cheese products sourced from the best cheese makers around the world. For €25.90, you get to have small batches of different cheese delivered to your doorstep.

WiinemeBox Wiine.me

One of the pioneering wine subscriptions in Europe, wiine.me offers quick and convenient wine deliveries for wine enthusiasts in Germany. Beginning at €32, you get to receive 2 bottles of specially curated wines monthly. The subscription service is an excellent way to buy wine gifts and learn about wine. The subscription service also includes fun add-ons such as wine courses and wine blind-tasting events.

HelloFreshBoxHelloFreshBoxHello Fresh

Who would have thought that purchasing your veggies today could do away with usual trek to the wet market and be in the form of box subscription, involving a click of a mouse and a box delivery on a weekly basis? This idea has been a logistical nightmare for merchants because the shipping, ordering and storage of vegetables and other food remain the challenge because they are perishable. The clever folks at Hello Fresh found a way to address the dilemma and for €5.45, they would be happy to deliver fresh produce to your doorstep on a weekly basis.

VeganBox The VeganKind

The VeganKind only launched last November and, though its is headquartered in the UK, it caters to most of Europe. As the name of the startup indicates, the box include everything vegan, from food to household products. This is quite useful for many German vegans who find it difficult to purchase their daily fix.


Tea Box

Founded in 1993, the German tea merchant Tea Sparrow has been sending out monthly boxes (for €14.58) to subscribers for quite some time already. The team tries out 12 teas each month and share the choices of these to their subscribers. Sometimes, the boxes come in themes. Consider the January edition, which included Numi’s Organic Chocolate Pu-erh Tea, was all about detox. The teas were especially chosen to detoxify after the holiday debauchery and in preparation for the winter.

This month's wine selection

Ultimate wines for summer evenings on the terrace

Loire Adventure

  • Domaine JF Merieau, L'Arpent des Vaudons, 2016
  • Domaine JF Merieau, Le Bois Jacou, 2016
  • Domaine Fabrice Gasnier, Chinon Pierres Chaudes, 2017

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