Unique wine gifts - the perfect christmas presents for boyfriends!

The festive season is approaching and probably you will start looking for christmas presents soon. Wine represents a very popular christmas present for dads, boyfriends or husbands. Certainly you aim for a unique gift. So let's introduce you with some original wine gifts.


The Drops of God - The manga that changed world market prices for wine

Christmas presents for boyfriends  - Idea No. 1

the drops of gad - manga wine

It was in 2011, during my stay in Singapore that a graphic novel on the topic of wine got me fascinated.The first volume of "Drops of God" was finally launched in English. Drops of God is the Japanese manga that was highly influential on wine drinking behaviour all over Asia and changed world market prices for wines. The decanter magazine,  one of the world leading magazines on wine, states that Drops of God is the most influential wine publication for the past 20 years.  The manga was first published in Japan in 2004 and after that in Korea, Taiwan, China and France. Until today  9 volumes of the serie were translated to English.

The plot of the story centers on a competition for the inheritance of Yutaka Kanzaki, a world-renowned wine critic. He passed away suddenly and left a wine collection worth a fortune. Being disappointed by his son Shizuku, Yutaka adopted a famous sommelier, Issei, just before his death. Shizuku refused to follow the path of his father and works in the sales departement of a beer company. He was so fed up with wine after having spent all his childhood learning about flavours, that until today he never even tasted a wine.

According to the will of his father, Shizuku must beat his adopted brother Issei in identifying 13 specific wines if he wants to inherit his father’s wine collection. In order to have a chance, Shizuku puts himself on a journey to discover the secrets of wines. And it appears that Shizuku has unexpected skills related to wine. They date back to the training that he has undergone during his childhood.

The manga certainly brings basic wine knowledge closer to a wider audience. Some experts of the wine industry believe that the success of the book comes from the fact that it teaches his readers enough about the world of wine to impress their friends. And it does so in an easy to follow & entertaining way.

The featured descriptions of the wines are vividly and surely fascinating. An example from the 3rd volume: the 2002 Chateau Lafite-Rothschild! “Plump, mature, almost pitch black cherry aromas. A bright forest full of foliage and frolicking animals. Germany’s swan castle. A beauty pregnant with madness, timeless architecture, surviving the ages, reflecting antiquity, modernity, and even futurity. Lafite is the stately calm of an old castle.” Besides learning about the individual wines, wider topic are touched. For example the correct service of wine, blind tasting or vintage variations.

So it is the perfect christmas present for boyfriends that are eager to learn about the world of wine and acquire impressive knowledge. Set out on the discovery with Shizuku and learn all about wine!

Here you can find an interview with the creators.

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Zalto wine glasses - the glass that sommeliers are crazy about

Christmas presents for boyfriends - Idea No. 2

Zalto wine glasses

Once you drank your wine from a zalto glas you don’t want to drink from another glas anymore. That is at least how it was for me.

Brad Baker from the gang of Pour describes the Zalto glasses as follows: "It is so light and thin to hold and just gives the wine that extra oomph of character on the palate. If the wine is light and elegant, it gives it an extra dimension of finesse. If the wine is powerful and rich, it gives it some extra meat. If the wine is fresh and fruity, it adds in some fluffy brightness. This glass shows the best on the palate than any other glass I have come across and when you take all aspects of the wine into account, it is my favorite, period."

The Zalto Denk'Art Glasses are produced in Austria by Zalto Glasshutte. They got their name from Hans Denk, one of the most famous Austrian wine experts. Father Denk guided the glassmakers in the process of designing the glasses in order to be ideal for the different types of wine. The photo shows the universal glass. Besides, the line includes a glass for Burgundy, Bordeaux, Champagne, White Wine, Sweet Wine and a water glass. If you only buy one zalto glass make it the universal one. It is highly suitable for red as well as white wines.

Available at Zaltoglas


The Wine Academy - A wine subscription to learn about wine in 6 months.

Christmas presents for boyfriends - Idea No. 3

Wine Academy Subscription 

The Wine Academy has been launched in  January. Our Goal: make wine lovers and beginners reach a real step in their understanding and knowledge about wines, in 6 months. We start a journey, we pave the way with step by step state-of-the-art online wines course, with the right selection of bottles every month, to help them continue their journey on their own. The online & offline combination is innovative, as well as the pedagogy to grasp and remember the wine world, the fun and social way.

All Wine Academy subscribers will get their first box around January 20th. For instance the first box will be a tasting introduction through the most famous white wine varietals: Chardonnay, Riesling and Sauvignon. All from their soils of origin in France. The second box will include the 3 most famous red grape varietals to introduce the notion of "tanins". And then, suprise...

And the best thing: If you order a wine subscription before the end of 2014 you will get access to the Wine Academy for free! All the wine subscriptions that you order as Christmas present include:

- 3 different European wines on a specific theme, every month
- Tasting notes & infographics
- Delivery included
- Full access to the Wine Academy, with online wine courses every month. The wine courses are based upon the received bottles

Order your Christmas present on Wiine.me. If you place your order before the end of November the first winebox will be delivered before Christmas. Otherwise print a nice gift voucher to keep the suprise!

Cheers and enjoy the Christmas season!

This month's wine selection

Local grapes of Rioja raised with quality & care

Saving native grapes of Rioja

  • Genoli-Viura, Vina Ijalba, 2017
  • Graciano, Vina Ijalba, 2016
  • Maturana Tinta, Vina Ijalba, 2016

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