February Wine Selection - It's Geneva time!

Geneva, here we are! The canton has been changing over the past decade from lagging behind to driving the trend. Some of the local winemakers, especially on the right bank are now iconic. We took the opportunity to show good wines off the beaten track.

Domain of Chambet

Discover with us the Domain of Chambet, hosting us for this February monthly selection.

The estate of Marion and Gerald Fonjallaz is a typical domain from this side of the lake, with 9acres vineyard located on the left bank of Geneva, between Gy and Jussy. This Jack-of-all-trade, Gerald developed a passion for winemaking, besides his cereal crops and apple fields. 15 different wines are produced there; mainly single grape varietals, no blends.

 Domain du Chambet

Whether they are White or Red, his wines are Gourmands, with a very authentic way of using local varietals. A strong & rich identity with low acidity levels and very little bitterness, leading to wines that can be easily drunk, even young. Tasty wines that do not cheat!

feb wines

By winning the Geneva Best Sauvignon award in 2011, his way of making wine has been acclaimed. Typically Swiss, Gerald likes good work and remain modest in spite of his recent successes. A very good quality price ratio for a Swiss wine as well as a simple and qualitative way of doing. To put it in a nutshell, the perfect winemaker for a Wiine.Me selection!

This month's wine selection

Local grapes of Rioja raised with quality & care

Saving native grapes of Rioja

  • Genoli-Viura, Vina Ijalba, 2017
  • Graciano, Vina Ijalba, 2016
  • Maturana Tinta, Vina Ijalba, 2016

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