Wiine.Me’s good wine resolutions for the new year


Happy 2015 everyone! It is wonderful to start this new year with you all.

So, did you think you about your resolutions yet? I bet you did. Let me think: eat better? exercise more? How about resolution you can actually keep the whole year? Thankfully, we selected a few of them, espescially for you, our dear readers and wine lovers:


Drink more (good!) wine:

Of course we would never push you to drink more, but rather to “drink better” or “drink smarter” if you prefer. Try to drink better quality wines and find new ones!

How about trying new varietals for instance to break with your same old wine habits when choosing wines? Why not step out of your comfort zone of always drinking Merlot or Chardonnay to discover some Riesling or Syrah?

If you don’t have the time to attend wine tastings or don’t feel like putting in the effort, or if you want to take the time to visit a shop, wine subscriptions can be a good options for you: two or three bottles coming from all over Europe, curated by our sommeliers and shipped every month, at you door. Easy!


Learn about wine in 2015

Whatever level you start with, you could improve your wine knowledge this year while tasting lots of great wines. Reading hundreds of wine books about wine doesn’t seem too appealing? Starting this month, Wiine.Me will launch the Wine Academy: monthly, interactive, online wine courses tailored to the wine you receive with your subscription. The idea is to help you become a connoisseur in 6 months, at your own pace, online or with your friends around a good bottle of wine.


Visit different wine regions

Take a long weekend (or more) to visit some wine regions this year. Discover some exceptional vineyards such as Champagne, or the region of Burgundy, its hilly panoramas, its vertiginous cliffs and sunny landscapes. Enough to get break your ordinary routine for a weekend.


Quality over quantity !

Remember, it is not about quickly tasting hundreds of wines. Sure, you will need to taste more and more to train your nose but try to go beyond this. If you also are a foodie, you can pair your tasting with a cooking class and learn all the secrets of wine and food pairing! And if you want to learn about a particular method or one region of wine, we can give you some great suggestions!


And last but not least, meet new people.

Wine makes you less shy, more friendly and engaging. So how about making the most of these moments to meet new people and perhaps make new friends or other wine lovers? When attending your next (or first) wine tasting event, go mingle with others! All wine lovers like discussing wines they’ve tasted and enjoyed (or not), the regions that they have visited or want to discover, so even if you don’t know much, it is a great way to learn. Why not go all together? Enjoy!


Happy New Year to all!

The Wiine.Me Team

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