The Perfect Wine for the Easter Feast

For Easter, if I look back at my former Easter family gatherings, the overall menu was always something similar to the following:

- Asparagus with French dressing (vinaigrette), grated eggs and shallots.

- Lamb as a main course

- Dessert, lots of dessert. And of course floating islands

 For the wine and food pairing, let’s start with the starters: The asparagus

Whatever the recipe, the asparagus is often considered as the enemy of wine. This is not exactly true, however. Its reputation is due to its bitterness, which prevents the vegetable from being paired with full bodied wines, i.e. red wines. A white wine would be much more suitable, but which one?

The vegetal flavors and the fibrous texture of the asparagus will require a round and aromatic wine. A southern wine would be a good choice, The Planeta Alastro 2012 would be a fantastic match!

asparagus and wineBut be aware, any wine served with French dressing, even in my childhood, will turn itself into a “piquette”!

For the main course, based upon legs of lamb, the required varietal is the Shiraz. Either from France, Valais or anywhere else, the grape varietal, powerful and spicy, will perfectly match the strength of the lamb. We may even go for a Barolo, if you are a fan of Italian wines. An old Barolo (10 years at least) will help you go off-the-beaten track and make you rethink your French wine habits!

legs of lamb

Last but not least, for dessert you have lots of choices. Nonetheless I would recommend you a wine that is not too heavy, especially if the weather is good. Sauternes are therefore not welcome here. Don’t hesitate picking special wines like an Italian Santo.

Easter eggs

Eastere I hope this advice is useful to you and I wish you a wonderful Easter with your family. With the right people, everything taste better!

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