Planeta: A Journey Through Sicily

The story of Planeta wines is like everything else in Italy : A family story, the Planeta family. Diego Planeta’s children are now both managing and envisioning all vineyards.  Diego is now considered as the main figure for born again Sicilian wines, thanks to him and his sons common actions both in the vineyards and the cellars.

Family Planeta The family production is spread over 6 different domains, all over the island of Sicily. From the Etna volcano to the South, through the Sambuca di Sicilia island in the West. The family agricultural tradition is deeply rooted, 17 generations have successively been growing the domain (from the 16th century!).

Planeta viti Planeta is quite modern regarding the wine making and environmental technics used. Sustainable development is a key element for them. Indeed the names of the wines, like Plumbago – a flower growing in the forest close to Ulma – or like Alastro – the name of a local bush variety, illustrate this.

Planeta domainIn the same spirit, the Planeta family is producing its wines from the traditional and local grape varietals. This monthly Wiine.Me selection is actually made to introduce you to the king (or the Godfather!) of red grape varietals in Sicily.

Planta endThis combination of tradition and modernity, based on a real know-how, is astonishing given the fruitiness of this selection, coming from one of the driest regions in Europe. Those wines are not too heavy or sickly. How do you assess it? Take a bottle from Planeta, open it with friends around, and if after the first sip you want another one, I was right! This is still the best way to assess a wine!

Cheers !

This month's wine selection

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