Serbian Wines – Our October selection



Servian Wines Today Wiine.Me introduces you to three real hidden gems from  a lesser known wine country –  Serbia. During the 19th century Serbia was an important producer of wine. And since the 2000s Serbian wine making is on its way back! Many family businesses entered the market, with a high regard for taste and quality. Discover with us three Serbian wines from the Zupa region. You will taste wines from the typical grapes of the area. Prokupac, probably the most common red grape variety of the Balkan peninsula,  and Tamjanika, a Muscat sort.  For this monthly selection we partnered with Samovino .

Samovino - the specialist for Serbian wine

Samovino is the German specialist for high quality Serbian Wine.  It is the response of Lukas and Brana to the mainstream wine industry that they describe as often closed up and conservative. Their goal is to shake up things with fresh marketing and the distribution of  Serbian wine. Lukas and Branas idea is based on their observation that wine has become either an industrial commodity or an unaffordable luxury product. At the same time they realized that Serbian winemakers produce excellent wines. Our monthly selection is the perfect example!

Prokupac Experiment 2012

(Winery: Čokot  / Grape Varieties Prokupac)

This Prokupac is a real insider's tip, even in Serbia. With this bottle you won’t get a trendy design, but a good value for money and a chance to enjoy an excellent, authentic wine from Serbia.

I kao da si anđeo (Angel), 2008

(Winery: Budimir  / Grape Varieties: Merlot, Prokupac (10%)

The full name of this wine is: ‘As if you were an angel’ and it is based on a drawing of the winemaker’s granddaughter and it is one of the most popular wines from Budimir winery. It aged for 30 months in new and old French and Serbian oak barrels and therefore had enough time to mature. This wine can be drunk immediately, but it can also be stored in your cellar for a couple of years – until the right occasion arises.

Sofia Tamjanika, 2013

(Winery : Rajković Brothers / Grape Varities: Tamjanika)

Winery Rajković Brothers is a real family business. Starting from the grandmother to the grandsons - everyone helps here with the work. Modesty, warmth and a healthy dose of pride characterize this winery. The wine that we present you is called Sofia Tamjanika. Tamjan translates as incense. This variety received its suitable name due to its intense and pleasant smell. Unlike most other wine regions Tamjanika is made exclusively dry in the wine region of Župa.

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This month's wine selection

Local grapes of Rioja raised with quality & care

Saving native grapes of Rioja

  • Genoli-Viura, Vina Ijalba, 2017
  • Graciano, Vina Ijalba, 2016
  • Maturana Tinta, Vina Ijalba, 2016

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