Six Must-haves of the Summer

Fashion is all around you. Whether you want to admit it or not, it’s always there, always influencing and always developing. It is for you to decide whether you want to go with a trend or head into the opposite direction, whether you want get the latest look or stick with what you feel most comfortable in. But why not try to combine your most treasured items with something brand new.

These six must-haves of summer 2014 might be exactly what you are looking for:

1. Slip dresses bring back the 90s

Spaghetti-strap dresses are back again. These days they come in beautiful fabrics and play about the figure. Ideal for hot and humid weather. Choose a color and pattern of your liking – you’ll hit the mark no matter what. Especially en vogue this spring and summer – soft shades of pastel.

Spaghetti-strap dresses

2. Biker jackets to rock in the sun

They never really went out of fashion, but this year’s biker jackets are a feast for the eyes. Everything goes – everything but black. Pick any color of the rainbow and you’ll find a matching jacket. Be bold, be gaudy.

Biker jackets

3. Wide-leg trousers for a weightless feeling

Super comfy and super fashionable. Wide-leg trousers in breezy fabrics won’t make you break a sweat even at 35 degrees. Wear them to a skin-tight top to give them a sexy edge.

Wide-leg trousers

4. Athletic-striped trousers (like seen on Shopstyle)

Another trouser must-have. This time, much more flattering for the figure. The stripe optically lengthens the leg. Pair the pants with a casual non-button-down top to make them stand out even more.

Athletic-striped trousers

5. Contrast-collar button-down shirts

Beautiful shirts with contrasting colors and textures on collars and cuffs. Originally inspired by menswear, this elevated wardrobe essential can really spice of your basics. Wear the shirt tails out with your favorite pair of jeans or pair it with your new pair of wide-leg trousers to create a business look.

 Contrast-collar button-down shirts

6. Sachi Vino Bag to drink in style

And last but not least – the ultimate must-have for the wine loving crowd! (Commented with a wink of the eye)

The insulated wine tote bag, designed to be worn to your next summer BBQ, a picnic with friends or a night out with the girls. They come in 2 or 3 bottle varieties and many different styles and colors. A great way to transport your wine in style.

Sachi Vino Bag loves wine and fashion. So why not combine the two and make the most of it. The spirit of wine is much like fashion, vibrant and bold. And whatever you are wearing, I am certain that there is a wine, whose characteristics reflect your mood and your fashion sense. Try our fantastic wine shop. Like the Planeta Alastro 2012, a white wine with notes of peach and melon, light and breezy, perfect for a summers evening in your new slip dress. Or the Petit Berticot, another white with notes of citrus fruits and a sensation of freshness. Definitely something to but in your new Sachi Vino bag for a Saturday BBQ. Try our wine subscription and get unique wines every month delivered to your door step.

If you have a favorite piece, don’t let it hang in the closet. Wear it, show it off. Why not combine it with the latest fashion trend. That way you turn something old into a whole new outfit. And that is, what is most fun about fashion. It’s creative and inspiring. Grab a glass of wine, have a sip and start digging through your wardrobe!

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Ultimate wines for summer evenings on the terrace

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  • Domaine Fabrice Gasnier, Chinon Pierres Chaudes, 2017

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