Six wines

Would it be possible for a wine - a particular type of wine - to give you the unmistakable warmth down your nether regions? To put it bluntly, I am talking about wine that can turn you on or to be more crude, make you horny. Before you go about labeling me a pervert, let me just say that the issue I am trying to raise is all about wine that people consider as aphrodisiacs.

You must have already read about stories and scientific reports saying that red wines are sexy and, to some extent, could increase libido. But that would be different since it addresses wine in general.

I would like to direct you to specific bottles that have incited desire, made people shiver with sexual tension and actually participated in the ritual of making love. Okay, this last part may be over the top and do sound quite perverse, but you probably get my point.

I have compiled a sort of X-files-like catalogue of wines that could or, at least, have the potential to arouse people.

La Spinetta Barbaresco

La Spinetta Barbaresco

This wine is supposedly effective on women. The vintner, Giorgio Rivetti, according to a female friend is already enough to render any girl’s knees weak because he is as hot as his creation. And the bottle is considered a league of its own in the aphrodisiac department. The taste is said to take women’s breath away. And it is not surprising. It is wildly delicious and cavorts with your tongue in an almost teasing embrace. When ingested it would also leave a momentary flush in your face, which is a pleasant sensation not unlike the heat felt when effectively turned on.


ChampagneChampagne could not radically drive the female gear to full throttle, if you dig what I mean. However, if you infuse some Absolut Berri Acai, crushed strawberries, then, squeeze in some lime, add a dash of sugar, a hint of some potent spice like cardamom or jalapeño, you will have in your midst a potion that could rival Love Potion No. 9. Then, if you pair it further with a good helping of oysters, my God: you will have a bomb at your disposal.

White Port

Fonseca-Siroco-White-PortWhen I say White Port you will have to make sure that it is the White Port (i.e. Taylor’s) and not any other. This bottle is considered to have a concentrated amount of aphrodisiacs beside the properties inherently claimed by the alcohol. It is smothered with wild strawberries and infused with ginger, cinnamon, cloves, vanilla and honey - all these are potent aphrodisiacs in their own rights.

Amaretto + Mulled Wine

Amaretto + Mulled Wine

For some reason, this liquor tends to make many women tingly. What is also important is that one could pair it with other things that women fancy as sexy or thought to incite them to misbehave: chocolates, cherries and men perhaps? When added to mulled wine, you will be taking the excitement a notch higher, easily becoming the drink for special occasions like honeymoon and steamy Valentines Day. Try Disaronno Originale, the brand claiming to have the original secret recipe.


If you are the literary type, then you must know why Absinthe is even included in this list. It has a long history of being a special drink for the aristocracy and the artistic lot. A cup of it supposedly paves the way for a torrent of inspiration. It stimulates the mind, sets the mood and lets your Bohemian nature take over. This is not surprising because it supposedly is a cross between pot, ecstasy, coke, coffee and vodka. Pretty strong, yes? You can temper it with champagne of a bubbly red wine. But be forewarned, in some parts of the world, this is still illegal and could have adverse effects when taken in excess. It is also very addictive.


Bourgogne Yes, the queen of wines is also a potent driver in bedsport. A particular concoction based on this wine (say, the affordable but excellent 2011 Bourgogne Rouge, Camille Giroud), suitably named Hippocras’ Aphrodisiac, is said to have an unusually strong aphrodisiac properties. The affair involved some ginger, cinnamon, cloves, vanilla and sugar.

This list identifies some of the most effective wine aphrodisiacs.  However, you must consume them or any alcoholic aphrodisiacs for that matter with moderation. It would be disastrous when the moment of truth finally arrives and you are so drunk that you could no longer perform. It would obviously defeat the purpose.