What Wine Glass to use ?

Wine etiquette is so elaborated and complicated, you might go without a taste of wine if we are to respect all the rules and regulations of wine drinking. On the other part, this is the beauty of drinking wine. You have to be well-mannered, elegant and it good spirits to truly enjoy this fine beverage….and, and…. let’s not forget: use suited wine glass.

And you’ll definitely impress. I’ll put rhymes aside for the moment and introduce you to the intricate and yet amazing world of wine glasses and make it easier on you to understand what wine glass you should use in what situation. This information can draw the line between a novice and a gentleman and we believe that every man should know this. And not only, experts say that the wine glasses affect the flavor and hence the experience of drinking wine, this is why we need to pay extra attention when using a wine glasses. Let’s begin!


And we’ll start with red wine because it’s the most drunk wine sort. In most cases red wine needs to be sip from a standard glass. However, there are slight differences that you need to take into consideration. There are 4 different wine glasses that you need to use depending on the wine you drink. Indeed, specific shapes are recommended for the Bordeaux, the Pinot Noir, the Burgundy and the Cabernet Sauvignon.


And then there’s white wine that also deserves the perfect wine glass. There are basically two major white wine types of glasses. While the standard white wine glass has a tall stem and a large bowl at the bottom that closes a bot towards the top, the white Chardonnay glass has a wide and open bowl.


And this is where the fun begins. Dessert wine glasses are more unusual and interestingly shaped which means that you’ll have more fun having a dessert wine, right?
The standard sweet wine glass resembles to the standard white but less bulkier and slimmer. The nicest looking one is the Sherry wine glass that looks like very deep v-cup with decorated stem. The Port and Madeira wine glasses have short stems, almost resembling beer glasses.


As for sparkling wines, or champagnes we use the tulip and flute glasses to drink them, as well as the vintage flat and wide bowl shaped.
Now you know what wine glass goes with what wine, so next time you’ll enjoy a great wine you won’t make a fool of yourself in a public place. Just messing!


PS 1 image worth 1000 words....


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