What wine to choose for a date? Valentine's Day Wine Tips

The feast of love is coming closer and you planned a romantic dinner. Unfortunately you are not sure how to choose the best  for a date. It doesn’t matter if your date is the sporty, creative, party or demanding type of a guy with our ultimate wine guide you’ll find the perfect wine for the perfect guy on our online wine shop.


  1. Sporty

His day starts with a demanding workout. He loves mondays, because the beginning of the week always marks the beginning of a new challenge. He is very proud of his defined and tanned body and likes to show off. In a restaurant he is more likely to order a healthy salad with turkey or a steak with steamed vegetables. Alcohol? He is more likely to avoid it as it may negatively influence his workout. But from time to time he will treat himself with a glass of wine. Choose a wine which fits his lifestyle: lively & full of energy

White: Riesling (La Neff des fous, Alsace 2012)

Red: Languedoc Roussillon, France (a fruity wine with the varietals: Carignan, Mourvèdre and a spicy touch of Syrah)

2. Demanding & Elegant

Perfectly ironed shirt? He takes his time. Tailored suit? Fits perfectly. Haircut? Perfectly done. This men accepts no compromisses. He is a demanding perfectionist. He will take you to a top-quality restaurant. Doing this he doesn’t want to show off - he just only accepts the best. As well as it comes to wine. It has to be a noble drop. Choose a Bordeaux when you want to please him. What about a deep red colour, aromas of chocolate covered cherries and vanilla tobbaco & silky and balanced tannins? Voyage de Lanessan from Château de Lanessan should be your pick. This wines is perfect for a high quality steak and for the expensive cigar after the dinner.

Red: Bordeaux, Voyage de Lanessan, Chateau Lanessan 2011


3. The creative gourmet

His favourite spot? His own kitchen or the trendy restaurant. His taste? Creative and fancy. His fav sports? Juggling with his spices, tossing with his pan or cutting veggies. This guy is like winning the lottery - he will treat you with delicious food all the time. But which wine will impress this guy? This must be a wine with a certain kick. A spicy nose, a supple and smooth mouth with aromas of Raspberry, blackberry, & licorice. Try the organic Zillinger Reflexion Sankt Laurent Steinthal, 2011. And pair a trendy & spicy food with like, for example Salmon Gyoza (japanese dumplings)

White: Saint Laurent, Zillinger Reflexion Sankt Laurent Steinthal, 2011

4. The pragmatic man

He likes practical & handy things. This guy is organized, focused and doesn’t get distracted by knickknacks. He likes traditional and familiar products and doesn’t like to experiment. Red wine with fish? No way. Don’t try to change his mind. Simply enjoy your evening. Cook a delicious mushroom risotto and choose a  fruity Rioja with aromas of blackberry, blueberry, a bit of cassis & with nice, silky tannins.

Red: Tempranillo, David Moreno Riserva 2008

5. Party

He starts his day at nightfall. He spends most of his time hanging out at a cool club or trendy bar. His friends are popular DJs. One thing is clear - you will never get bored. He is always positive and loves to celebrate life. The best pick for a guy like this - go for bubbles. With a lovely Prosecco with aromas of pear, white nectarine, mirabelle, orange rind and orange flower & generous with a good frothy mousse the party can definitely start.

Sparkling: Italian Prosecco, Col Di Luna, Bellenda