What wines for Christmas Meals?

The most wonderful time of the year is approaching: the Christmas season. So what do you need to stock up on while for celebrations, or friends that pop by for an apero or after dinner drink? You, of course, need a well stocked wine list. Whether you are stocking up for the holidays or want to have a well stocked cellar year round, here is a list of wines you will need for any occasion that pops up.

But what wine to pair with your Christmas meals? 

Here are suggestions from Kat Morse, Director of the Wine Academy & sommelier to help you prepare for a fantastic holiday season - regardless of when friends come to call!

All wines fall into about 3 categories of ‘body’: light, medium, and heavy bodied. The easiest way is to compare wine to the relative weights of milk, cream, and yogurt. A wine will most likely never be as heavy as cream or yogurt, this is just an example to help you compare. The more mouth filling it is, the heavier the body.

White Wines

Apéro ?

For white wine you will need a light wine for an apero, a tart wine to go with most meals, and a heavier wine as the season gets cooler.

Light bodied wines

Muscadet from the Loire, Pinot Blanc from Alsace or one of my favorites - this fantastic Pinot Blanc from Geneva! This Pinot blanc du Maison du Moulin (see on our online wine shop) from Geneva is light and zesty with citrus,  pear and quince and also a beautiful floral hint - orange blossom, gardenia.

Tart wine

Much like squeezing a lemon over vegetables to brighten up the flavor, an acidic or tart wine will enhance the flavors of your dish. Try a Riesling from Germany (not too sweet) or a Sauvignon Blanc from the New Zealand.

This Gruner Veltliner (Mrs Greenjeans) from Austria is one of my favorites to go with so many dishes - it even pairs well with hard to pair vegetables like artichoke and asparagus! Bursting with green apple, herb, spices, and a mix of exotic and white fruit. You will also be able to find nuttiness!

An out of the box suggestion is a great Chardonnay from Hungary! This Wine, a Chardonnay from the family Heumann, with no oak barrel aging, is a great example of grape purity and also the perfect benchmark to recognize and memorize the specificities of the Chardonnay grape variety.

Full Bodied White

My favorite would be a Chardonnay from Burgundy or from California. A verdejo from Spain or a full bodied Marsanne would also be great!

One of my favorites is a white Bordeaux - the G from Chateau Guiraud is great at any time! Bright gala apple, mandarin oranges, lime zest, and a delicious hint of butterscotch. This one is sure to be a hit.

Red Wines


Here you can really customize your cellar! You’ll a light and fruity wine or an light earthy wine, a medium bodied earthy wine, and a great heavy bodied wine that packs a great punch.

Light and Fruity: Try a Cru Beaujolais made from Gamay - not a Beaujolais Nouveau but something from from a Cru like Fleury or Moulin a Vent. These wines are juicy and round. Gamay/Gamaret also great great in Geneva! Try this one from Maison du Moulin - bursting nose with fresh fruity flavors - blackberry, blueberry and raspberry. The freshness and its fruity aromas are lovely !

Medium Bodied Earthy: a Pinot Noir fits the bill! These wines, while light, packs an amazing amount of  flavor. This Kloster Sion Réserve from the Weingut zum Sternen is absolutely fabulous - The flavors are rich and complex: ripe cherries, moka, coco and spicy touches of nutmeg.

Medium Bodied Fruity: One of my favorites, and for the wine connesiure, a fantastic selection!  A Trousseau from the Jura is a wine that both winelovers and wine beginners will love. This wine, Les Corvees from the Domaine de la Touraize, has amazing structure and richness, gorgeous red fruits - ripe cherry, dusty raspberry, and a nice herbacity. Medium bodied with a juicy and tart finish.”

Medium Bodied Fruity:

Try a wine from Hungary, the barosso from the Family Heumann! This wine is made of Cabernet Franc, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Pinot Noir. It will pair well with a large variety of dishes.  Feminine and very elegant on the palate. Its creamy texture makes it very drinkable! The wine is overall well-balanced with a long, lovely finish

Heavier Red Wine:

Those heavy holiday dishes…steak, red meat, etc. with a rich sauce require a strong wine. Try this wine (Lolita)- made of the same grapes as Porto, but with no sweetness. Dark chocolate covered raspberries, a hint of rosemary, and some spice, this is the perfect winter wine.

Dessert Wines


Sauternes, or a Late Harvest wine from Alsace is a fun pick.




What would the holidays be without a sparkler? Champagne is the obvious choice, but don’t overlook a Cremant de Bourgogne or a Spumante from Italy. Champagne is the perfect wine for the beginning, middle, or end of a meal! Its light enough for an aperitif, the acidity brightens up your dish and the bubbles cleanse the palette and its a great celebration for the end of a great evening.

One of my favorites is Deutz - with its light, elegant, ethereal mousse, its light citrus, lemon grass, and tropical fruit flavor, and finally a finesse and elegance that doesn’t quit - its perfect at any stage of the meal.

Your Christmas Dinner - Get your personalized suggestions!

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