Wine decoration: 3 unique ways to reuse your empty wine bottles

You can imagine the scenario: after a great evening with friends, delicious food, good wines and extensive talks, you end up having several empty wine bottles or wine boxes sitting on your kitchen table. Do you take them out to the recycling bin? Normally you would (if you are not the collecting or particularly messy type), but hold on just a second!

What about using those bottles to create a unique new look for your living room?

Create a lamp, a vase or even a cork key holder. Add a little extravaganza to your home. You’ll have an eye catcher that will certainly get peoples attention next time they visit. And this is how it is done:


1. The bottle lamp:


To do this you need an empty bottle of wine, a drill with a tile or glass drill bit and a string of LED mini lights.

Soak the bottle in hot, soapy water for a few minutes. Then, scrape off the label and dry the bottle with a dish cloth. Lay the bottle on a cloth, slightly wet the drill bit (to keep it cool) and drill a hole about two centimetres from the bottom into the body of the bottle. Push the string of LED lights through the whole into the bottle. You can use a hanger (like the ones you get from the dry cleaners) to pull the lights up to the neck. Leave the last bit of string and plug free. Plug it in and enjoy!

Tip: If you want to make your lamp especially unique, use glass paints, glue and glitter or even decoupage and go crazy!

2. The bottle vase/candle cover:

Candles This one is particularly tricky since you will need a steady hand to get it done right.

To do this you will either need a glass cutter, or if that is not part of your respectable tool collection, use a glass drill bit and some goggles to protect your eyes.

Scratch a circle around the body of the bottle with the glass drill bit. Rotate the glass slowly over a candle (concentrate the flame on the scored line) for about ten minutes. Immediately cool the bottle under a stream of cold water while rotating it. Grab both sides, slowly twist and pull them apart. And voila, you’ll have two pieces.

You might have to try this several times, before getting relatively smooth edges. But just to be safe and to keep you from cutting yourself, sand down any notches or jagged edges using sand paper.

Now you can use the bottom half as a vase and the top half as a candle cover. Very stylish!

And last but not least, the cork. This little fellow is extremely versatile. Here is one idea to reuse it.

3. The cork key holder:


It might take a while to gather all necessary parts, since you’ll need at least 20 (I recommend 30 or more) corks to get started. But it’s a good reason to drink a good bottle of wine every now and then...

In addition you’ll need a hot glue gun, glue sticks and five or six hook screws.

The rest is pretty simple. Arrange your corks in any form or shape you like (rectangle, diamond etc.) and glue them together using the hot glue gun. Wait for the glue to harden and then push the hook screws into the cork anywhere you like. Add a hanger or glue it on a picture frame to hang it on the wall. And you are done.

There are tons of other cool ways to reuse your cork. Browse the web and get creative!

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