Antonio Perez

Antonio Perez

Operations Manager & Branding Associate

Being from Latin American origins, I naturally developed quite a taste for coffee from a young age. The infinity of flavor profiles that can be produced by a single variety of coffee bean based on its growing conditions always astonished and intrigued me. It was during a particularly hot summer in 2017 that I became interested in wine for it too offered a whole world to discover, in a much more refreshing drink!

Why Wiine.Me ?

The world of wines can be pretty intimidating to get into given the immense choice of product, price range, awards, complex names, etc. ... Amongst all the confusion, Wiine.meseemed to be willing to guide those curious minds like me in the discovery of "the great grape beverage". It is this persistent sense of encouragement to learn and grow that makes not just a great platform to work for, but also a culture to be part of.

What do you do at Wiine.Me ?

As Operations Manager and Branding Associate of, my job has two main sides. One very scientific, one very artistic. From ensuring the timely and accurate delivery of our product, to providing graphic-design assets as well as advice concerning visual branding. From managing stocks to contributing to the social media image of the company.

In a nutshell, at, I contribute to creating for customers the experience that created for me.