Luca Kuettel

Luca Kuettel

Sommelier & co-fonder of OGGI

My background is in finance from the University of Saint-Gall. Here, I met my assosciate, Patrick Bante. At this time, we started making gourmet meals for our family and friends and I found my passion for eating and drinking well. Together, we created OGGI. Our company stands on 4 pillars: a catering service; a meal delivery service, specializing in healthy foods; cooking courses, which we launched in partnership with Wiine.Me; and soon our own restaurant! 

When we started our partnership with Wiine.Me, I wanted to have more experience in wine to be both a chef and sommelier. I then followed the WSET from Wiine.Me's Switzerland Wine School. Wine became my passion because it is the best drink to pair with a meal. 

So, don't hesitate to register for a cooking course with Wiine.Me and we can share our passion.

The best wine that you have tasted ?

One day, I participated in a tasting of wine during it's maturation period. It wasn't the best wine, but it was definitely the best learning experience I've had around wine. During this day, we visited many small producers who let us taste the wines directly from the barrel. Here, they explained their vinification process, their objectives, and how they achieve them. I really appreciated them sharing their knowledge.

What is your favorite food pairing ?

I love this question! My favorite food and wine pairing is a Cabernet Sauvignon from Columbia Valley (from Washington state in the USA) paired with a nice cut of beef straight from the grill.