Anastasiia Burakovskikh

Anastasiia Burakovskikh

Marketing strategist & subscriptions

I got my Master of Science in Wine Business while studying in Burgundy, nailing Grand Crus and having lunches in the middle of the vineyards on ancient Bourgogne Clos. Afterwards, I’ve spent the past few years living in four South East Asian tropical island states, such as Maldives, Sri Lanka, Singapore and Philippines, working on wine selections of top notch luxury island escapes and a few Michelin starred restaurants. 

The best wine that you have tasted ?

I have many of those, certain wine moments imprint: one of such casual but remarkable ones is related with "Why try so hard" Gewurtztraminer by James Erskine (made in Basket Range, Adelaide, Australia). You feel "unbearable lightness of drinking" when having it. Another, probably almost life-changing experience, happened with "Clos de la Marechale" by Frederic Mugnier (Burgundy) at its barrel tasting of vintage 2005. I could literally see the future by feeling the potential of this liquid. 

What is your favorite food pairing ?

They constantly evolve but after several years spent in Asia, I came to like o-toro, chu-toro and shimofuri sashimi with Beaujolais Cru-s especially Fleurie, Xiao Long Bao a.k.a. Shanghai dumplings (with broth inside) ft. Mosel Riesling, medium rare steak and well structured, if not little austere rose champagne.