Frequently Asked Questions

We want the best service for our members, all answers should be here, but in case it is not, ping us!

Our wine parcels contain 2 or 3 different bottles. The 3 bottle "wine parcel" offers an additional premium wine compared to the 2 bottle parcel.

Yes, you can upgrade or downgrade the number of bottles every month, straight from your account. You can also upgrade for the wine academy, to access the online wine courses, and the special wine selection, directly from your dashboard under "My Subscriptions".

Send us a message. Tell us about your problem, we will find a solution to make it a great experience for you.

No. No surprises with the price, only the wines. The delivery is free, and you will always be charged the same price.

Yes! The very purpose of is to introduce you to wines from all over Europe and have them available for re-purchase by the case when you particularly enjoyed them. As a subscriber you have 15% off all wines of the shop. Start building your cellar now.

Your first wine parcel is actually a “Welcome Pack” containing wine gems which impressed not only our sommeliers, but also our members. Think about it as our greatest hits. If you already subscribed to, please contact us, otherwise you may receive the "Welcome Box" again...

In addition, we've also created a special free Wine Academy course for the Welcome welcome you to the Wiine.Me family! 

Your wine subscription (your wine box) lets you receive a selection of European wines at home, every month. It’s a new way to experience wine! Our team of sommeliers selects three bottles a month and we deliver them directly to your door.

Hold on, the experience does not stop there! We also host many wine events and our customers benefit from lower prices when reordering the bottles they liked.

Every month our sommeliers and wine experts explore the different “terroirs” of Europe. We select around 300 samples that we taste. Wines that score the highest within our team of sommeliers and experts will be among the ones selected according to the theme of the month.

On average a wine parcel contains 70% red wines and 30% white wines

While you won’t be able to select only specific types of wine, our specialists will make sure you get characteristic and interesting wines. Our goal is to share  the great wines we discover, and so far our team has found true gems! The Wiine.Me members' feedback is that they actually love discovering wines they thought they would not like at first ( for those who do not like white wines for instance, wait for may be surprised).

All wines are available for reorder at a great price (15% discount on all our wines for our subscribers), and it is automatically applied when you are logged in.

In your monthly parcel you will find 3 to 4 Wine Cards that will give you information regarding the region, style, origin, producer, and food pairing recommendations for all wines you just received. You can also visit the wine page directly on our wine shop, to get even more detailed information.

You can unsubscribe whenever you want, even during the first month if you purchased the “non binding” subscription option (not valid for gifts). Since we order all our wine on the first of the month, if you are still a member at the start of a month, that month will be due. For example, if you unsubscribe on the 6th of the month, you will receive your last wine parcel on the 20th of the same month. If you unsubscribe on the 23rd, the parcel you already received that same month will be your last.

Too much wine? You can also pause deliveries from your dashboard. No need to cancel it, you just enter the date at which you want the deliveries (and monthly fee) to start again.

To unsubscribe, go to your "Dashboard" and click on "Cancel". Your subscription will automatically stop. If you want to continue your subscription, simply subscribe for a new one.

If you encounter a problem, contact us at: hello [at]

- Switzerland

More to come.. If you have a group of wine lovers, we're happy to discuss special shipping for you.

This feature is not (yet) automatic, however you can always contact us to enquire about the status of your package. We’ll be more than happy to provide you with the tracking number of our shipping carrier.

If you encounter any problems upon receipt of your package, call us as soon as possible so that we may find a solution and ensure you get the best quality service. 

- You have refused the package: Send us a message and we'll replace it. 

- You accepted the package: Send us a photo of the broken bottle(s) at hello(at) and we'll try to replace it. 

You can change your shipping address anytime from your dashboard under "My Subscriptions". Please keep in mind that it is your responsibility. Indeed each parcel returned to us is charged 6€/9CHF by the post, and then we have to pay 6€/9CHF again, that we will have to charge you with 12€/18CHFF. For gift subscriptions, the recipient can change the shipping address anytime from his account.

For personal subscriptions

a) All new members first boxes are shipped on the following Tuesday at noon after your order is placed. You will receive it on the Friday (+/- 2 days). 

b) If this is not your first box, you will receive it around the 20th of each month.

If you encounter a problem, please contact us at the following address: hello (at) wiine (dot) me

For gift subscriptions:

a) If this is the first box and you selected physical delivery when ordering the gift: the person will receive it within 2 to 14 days.

a-1) If you selected the gift card when ordering your gift: the person will activate the deliveries by redeeming their unique code on the website, and filling in their delivery details.

b) If this is not the first box, the receiver will get the delivery around the 20th of each month.


Wine order: You will receive your wine within 10 business days. The shipping costs are calculated prior to the payment of your order and delivery is free for purchases over 200.- €. Enjoy!

On the website we accept only Visa and Mastercard credit cards. But if you cannot pay with those cards, simply drop us an email to hello(at)wiine(dot)me and we will send you an invoice to be paid by bank transfer instead.

Directly in your account dashboard, on the subscription line, you can update your credit cards. This will charge you 1€/2CHF that is going to be automatically reimbursed after 7 days. All monthly payments occur every 1st of the month.

The first charge will occur on the day of the creation of your subscription. Then you are automatically deducted the amount of your subscription (eg 32.- € or 39.- CHF for the 2 bottles formula for instance) on the 1st of every month for the duration of your subscription.

You can unsubscribe whenever you want, and this from the first month, but any month started remains due. 

For Gifts, there is no recurring payment (subscription), only an upfront payment related to the duration you selected.

You must pay in the currency corresponding to the delivery address of the box. For example, if you send a gift from Switzerland to Germany, you will be asked to pay in € Euro.

By choosing the “no commitment” option, you subscription is automatically charged (eg 49.- € for the 3 bottles formula, including delivery) every month until you cancel your subscription from your account.

By subscribing for 3, 6 or 12 months, you commit to the number of monthly deliveries. There is no recurring payment, but only one up-front payment for the entire duration you selected.

- Yes of course. You can fill you own address at the checkout and get the first box delivered to you and give them the wine yourself.  Then you can change the delivery address from your account under "My Subscriptions".

- You can also take the gift voucher option. This voucher downloadable after your payment, will have to be redeemed on the website by the person receiving the gift to activate the wine subscription gift. The person can then manage all delivery details herself.

If you want to keep your gift a surprise, give the wine parcel to the recipient yourself, or you are simply in a hurry, select the gift card. It is a nice voucher that you can download and give to the lucky recipient. It contains a unique code to be activated on the website by the person who will receive the gift. Only after the code has been redeemed the deliveries can start and the person can manage his details in his own account.

This month's wine selection

Awesome wines from an unknown region


  • Sevdah, Weingut Aleksic, 2016
  • Angel, Budimir, 2015
  • Experiment Prokupac, Weingut Cokot, 2015

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