So…why does everyone hate Riesling?

Why does everyone hate Riesling? This varietal has long been touted as the sommelier’s favorite but is very under-appreciated by most wine drinkers. Quel dommage!


NeinThe general conception of Riesling is that is only sickly sweet – its a shame that this fabulous wine is so misunderstood. This is due to the huge influx of mediocre, cheap, sweet-ish ‘Liebfraumilch’ in tall skinny blue bottles that inundated supermarket shelves. (Blue Nun anyone?) These simple and sweet ‘Rieslings’ were distributed widely but one of the biggest problem is that the wines actually contained a large amount of Sylvaner and Müller Thurgau, 2 other grape varietals that are not Riesling!


The sweetness of Riesling is inherent in many wines – and this sweetness is not necessarily bad. What wines like this need is a high level of acidity to balance out this sweetness. Riesling has a high level of acidity and a good winemaker can make a phenomenal wine.


However, Riesling is one of the most pure, terroir driven wines! Terroir driven meaning that the soil, climate, sun, wind, winemaking tradition, etc. really affects the wine. The high acidity of Riesling makes it one of the best wines for food out there!

Remember how we told you that Riesling is from the area around the Rhine river? This area has changed hands many times between Germany and France.  To be specific, it was first recorded as grown in the Rheingau area in the 15th century.

We hope you learn a lot in this Riesling Masterclass and that you love this grape as much as we do!


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