How does the Wine Academy work ?

Click here & find out where the 3 noble white wines were born


Each course is linked to the wines in your Wiine.Me Parcel (3 wines + discovery booklet).

Why? It is great to taste wine, and read wine blogs to get wine knowledge, but the best is to get both at the same time! For example, you will read about how Sauvignon Blanc has  grapefruit aromas, and then smell them in your glass.

Every month, you'll get videos featuring the wines in the box and the info that you need to know.

Each course contains the information you need to build your wine library. We give you the information in the form of text, info-graphics, guided tastings, quizzes, and more.

Your guided wine tasting will be through quizzes. At the end of the quiz, you'll get a link to the page dedicated to this wine. This will give you information the wine, winemaking, what foods to pair with the wine, and a delicious recipe to go with the wine!

Month 1 - Intro to White Wines

The following course will be an introduction to white wines. You will taste and discover the following:

(1) Three different wines from 3 of the main white grape varietals, all coming from their region of origin. Most of these grapes originate in France, or just nearby. These varietals make quality wines and have influenced winemaking throughout the world.

(2) How to taste a wine. We know you like your wine, but do you just drink it without thinking about the taste? We'll show you how to analyze wine like a sommelier!

(4) What is on a wine label. You will get clues to what the wine in the bottle tastes like just by certain clues on the label.  We will show you how!

(3) Start to learn your taste in wine. We will never tell you what you should like...your taste is the most important. Let's start figuring out what you want in a wine!