Wine Course #4 - Sauvignon Blanc Masterclass

Sauvignon Blanc (aka Sauvignon) is one of the easiest wine grapes to start learning because its charachteristic aroma is quite similar wherever it is planted.

With its distinctive aroma, it is (relatively) easy to pick out a Sauvignon Blanc in a line of less aromatic varietals.

Sauvignon Blanc can be quite herbaceous - very different from other white wine varietals!

This month, you'll get an in-depth look at this interesting varietal (most likely) hailing from the Bordeaux region of France. It may have been born there, but the We'll also go more in-depth and show you why so many people get confused with the term 'sweet,' how to determine if a wine is actually sweet, and how to make a sweet wine.

You'll also learn the rules of wine and food pairing and why this wine goes so well with food.

Pour yourself a glass, and let's get started!